Colorful dragonflies adorn this pretty and soft scarf.  The dragonfly has always symbolized change, adaptability and transformation, all of which we do throughout our lives.  For the dragonfly lover, this gift is beautiful and meaningful.  Also included are a microfiber lens/screen cleaning cloth, and a multi strand rhinestone beaded bracelet.  The wickless candle is a wonderful item to have!  It is soy based, non-toxic and will fill a room with fragrance.  There is nothing to light, simply remove the top and place on a surface.  The movement of air circulates the scent.  Perfect for homes with little ones, pets or for the elderly, who cannot have lit candles where they live.  None are overpowering in fragrance, just a nice touch of scent.  Uncapped, these last for 3 months+

Scarf size: 32" x 72" Material: Polyester

Customize your box!

Scarf Color - Choose Taupe, Mint or Coral

Wickless Candle - choose from the scents shown in image

Microfiber cloth and bracelet will be chosen to color coordinate




Dragonfly Box $45.00



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